Membership Changes


Malvern Bowling Club is pleased to welcome the following new members:

Geoff Glen, who has joined as a Full Member

Sean Ewinger, who has joined as a Social Member and a Sponsor of the Club – please be sure to check out Salts of the Earth at


Kathryn Allen, who has joined as a Social Member


Don Leach has resigned his membership due to ill-health.

About the Author
Hi! I'm Deb Hurford - I have been a resident of Malvern for the past 7 years although in an earlier life I lived here for 12 years. I've only been bowling for a very short while but I've gone the "whole hog" and jumped in to help with social events at Malvern Bowls Club where required and now I'm doing a little work on the website. I hope I can help YOU to get the best out of this site, as it belongs to YOU, the member. Please don't hesitate to suggest changes and additions - I'll always listen.

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