Grand Final Day

A huge thanks to Michael and Helen Classon for organising and preparing today’s bowling and lunch at the club. Great value at five dollars, I don’t think the club will show much of a profit.

Congratulations to the Hawks fans and commiserations to the Swans supporters. Too bad. It doesn’t really matter.

There were enough bowlers for a couple of rinks of fours and bowling continued after lunch for some who thought that would be more enjoyable than watching the game on the big screen inside.

Graeme Lee


Graeme Lee
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Graeme Lee is currently in his second year as Secretary of The Malvern Bowling Club after five years as Treasurer. He retired from the workforce in 2006. Growing up in Williamstown was great, but after forty odd years in the Armadale/Malvern area he is getting used to it. Main interests now, apart from bowling, are family, friends, dining, music, current affairs, and any other distraction that pops up.

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