Good morning,

This coming Tuesday we will meet at the Lido to watch The Lion King at the 1pm. session. This unusual choice is John’s, so anyone needing a lift could ring him on 9824 6205. Rohan has seen the film and approves (more or less) of John’s choice while others aren’t so certain. Anyway we’ll see.

Congratulations to those who bowled at Dandenong. Many MBC showed fine form, despite the cold.
We hope to see you on Tuesday and Friday night.

Thank you to all who wished me happy birthday. I’ve had a great week.

Stay warm and well.


Edward Payne
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Hi! I'm Ed Payne - I have been a resident of Malvern for the past 35 years (my whole life) and have only been bowling for a very short while. I've gone the "whole hog" and jumped in as the Secretary of Malvern Bowls Club and now I'm doing a little work on the website. I hope I can help YOU to get the best out of this site, as it belongs to YOU, the member. So please don't hesitate to suggest changes and additions - I'll always listen.

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