Christmas Cocktail Party Gallery

The Christmas Cocktail Party last night was (as always) a wonderful event with members coming together to chat and snack and wish each other all the very best for the coming festive season.

Thanks again to Penny Gamble for organising such a splendid event and thank you to those who contributed their decorating ability, culinary skills, time and effort, serving assistance and those who helped to clean up afterwards!  We couldn’t have done it without you all.

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Hi! I'm Deb Hurford - I have been a resident of Malvern for the past 7 years although in an earlier life I lived here for 12 years. I've only been bowling for a very short while but I've gone the "whole hog" and jumped in to help with social events at Malvern Bowls Club where required and now I'm doing a little work on the website. I hope I can help YOU to get the best out of this site, as it belongs to YOU, the member. Please don't hesitate to suggest changes and additions - I'll always listen.
  1. Dee Reply

    Great Pics Deb. We had a lovely evening and a big thank you to all who made our Christmas party such a success. Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season.

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