Annual Div. 4 -v- Div. 6 Challenge

On Saturday our annual post-pennant season Div. 4 -v- Div.6 game saw a most interesting match in which each division won two rinks.

Some late withdrawals resulted in the Div. 4 side being reduced to four triples, pitted against two triples and two fours for Div 6. Challenges, indeed!

Both Div. 6 fours played very well for solid wins against the Div. 4 triples while the tables were turned in the triples -v- triples matches in which both Div 4. sides had big wins to get the Div. 4 side home for a comfortable victory. 

The All Stars Trophy for the best winning rink was won by the Div. 4 triple of Andy Barraclough, Allen Thomas and Brian Loh (pictured below).  Congratulations to them and to the successful Div. 4 team.


Michael Classon
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Hello. I am Michael Classon. I have lived in Malvern most of my life. I call it my home town. Playing bowls is a great joy to me - I have always loved being part of a sporting team and being involved in the administration of the sport at club and State level has been a wonderful hobby where I have met many extraordinary people who have volunteered countless hours to ensure that our game continues to be available to all levels of participants. My message to new and experienced bowlers is make sure you have some fun every time you play.
  1. Dee Reply

    Congratulations to ‘The Dream Team’. On our rink Gerald gets the award for most annoying opposition, he kept knocking our shot out! These Kiwis.

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