Malvern Bowling Club Covid-19 (Corona virus) Update Page


PLEASE NOTE: Malvern Bowling Club is now closed due to government action to limit the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus). 


Malvern Bowling Club is a community club and will continue to communicate with and support our members, guests and the Stonnington Community in any way we can during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is a list of updates regarding various Malvern Bowling Club regular and intermittent events;


Wednesday Night Barefoot Bowls, Bar & Community Meal

STATUS: Currently cancelled until further notice to protect the health of members and guests.

REASON: Unfortunately the preparation, serving and consumption of food by a number of people in a confined space, added to the risk of transmission via inadvertent handling of bowls and jacks represents an unacceptably high risk to members and guests, many of whom are in the ‘highly vulnerable’ category.


U3A Sunday Morning Barefoot Bowls at Malvern Bowling Club

STATUS: Cancelled to protect the health of all.

REASON: “U3A Stonnington is closing from tomorrow, 17 March until further notice.  This is because of the Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic.  We have taken this step because of our concern for the demographic of our membership, who have an average age of 80 years old. All events in our programme are closed.  Unfortunately the Committee resolution is such that it includes the Barefoot Bowls.  This impacts on the Barefoot Bowls final session with the U3A group.”


Malvern Bowling Club thanks Malvern U3A for their participation in this event, completely understands and agrees with this decision and looks forward to renewing the program when the situation improves.


Venue and Green Hire

STATUS: At this stage we cannot host events between now and September 1 and can only take tentative bookings for dates from September 1 onwards. All bookings are taken on the basis that they cannot be guaranteed by Malvern Bowling Club and may be cancelled at short notice. If we are forced to cancel a function or event any deposits paid will be refunded in full.

REASON: The duration and effect of the Covid-19 virus pandemic is unknown at this stage.


Saturday and Midweek Pennant Bowling, Tuesday Night Pennant and Club competitions

STATUS: Home and away season now officially finished in all divisions.  Club competitions have been postponed until the start of next season.


Links and further information

Below is a list of links that will provide further information regarding Covid-19, lawn bowls, and the latest community and health updates …

Coronavirus impact on Pennant and future State events

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice to BA members


Malvern Bowling Club is a not-for-profit community club and a family. We are over 100 years old, still going strong and still will be when this pandemic is just another piece of our history! Our members, guests and community are precious to us and we will take all steps necessary to safeguard their welfare.


Malvern Bowling Club President and Committee.